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Consumers are getting personal. PMOT, the ‘Personal Moment Of Truth’ is here!

It is essential for business owners to understand the part their ‘personal brand’ plays in a developing buying cycle, and how the rise of the personal brand has formed a new moment of truth in consumer purchase behaviour, PMOT.

The times of purchasing a product or service on face value are long gone. Google coined the phrase ZMOT (zero moment of truth) back in 2011; it refers to a point in the buying cycle when a consumer researches a product prior to purchase, on average consulting a further 10 sources of information.

Enter 2018 and there’s a new kid on the block, PMOT (personal moment of truth), you heard it here first. I will post some more articles that dive deeper into PMOT and how to target this space, but here’s the principal.

The consumer’s decision to engage with a product, service or business now includes a new research phase…


PMOT is a new point in the buying cycle where a consumer or other interested party researches the ‘personality’ behind the product, even before the product itself. If you’re a business owner or business ambassador then this research phase can include any information that web 2.0 holds on you.

An explosion in content has brought almost unfathomable choice for the consumer. It’s only natural that we look for improved ways to filter this content and refine our decision making process. Forming an emotional bond with a product or service that includes insight gained from someone’s ‘personal brand’ is becoming an increasingly important part of this process. It helps us connect at an emotional level.

Whether its B2B or B2C relationships your after, the winners in PMOT world are going to be those personalities that rush out and meet the audience head on with copious amounts of personal content.

There are some awesome PMOT practitioners out there already, such as Gary Vaynerchuk ( Gary sets the benchmark in the way he develops his personal brand and shares his personal content to support his broader business objectives. In fact you’re more likely to become a customer of Gary’s based on his personal brand than that of his hugely successful media business. There are countless others too.

There is an undeniable opportunity for the people behind businesses to connect with the consumer at a much deeper level than before. Along with this is an increasing pressure for us business owners to jump on-board the media band waggon and start crafting our personal brands to act as the North Star in our customer relationships.

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