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We create expert marketing strategies that increase Attention, Engagement, Demand and Insight for brands.
We establish the campaign objectives that will be most relevant and rewarding to your brand.

If intentions were not clearly established for your campaigns, they would lose their focus and deliver poor results.
We undertake market research to help establish the ideal content and communications strategies for your brand.

As the objectives become clear, we undertake additional market research to capture specific information from target audiences.
Conducting market research gives us a far better understanding of the relevant market, and will have the benefits of:
Subjective data collection
Guiding communications
Increasing market awareness
Guiding objectives & strategy
Allowing informed decision-making
Identifying additional opportunities
Improved accuracy of communications
Highlighting trends and issues
Strengthening credibility and reputation
Minimising campaign risk
Improving forward planning
Improved employee recruitment and retention
We keep your campaign objectives SMART - Specific . Measurable . Achievable . Realistic . Timely.

We undertake some preliminary brand strategy work to give us a solid understanding of your vision and mission, what you want to achieve / change.

We will identify the objectives and target audience, and set specific, measurable goals prior to launching a campaign.

Defining these SMART objectives means we can achieve far better results for your brand.

There are 3 key reasons why establishing 

your campaign objectives are just as important 

to us as the campaigns themselves:

1.We can identify a focal point
Without specific objectives, a campaign can be all over the place.

Identifying one or two specific areas that you want to communicate to the audience will keep your campaigns on track and achieve focused responses for improved results and insight.

2. We can zero in on the target
Focusing your communications to connect with the target demographic at all times is essential for campaign success. By establishing specific campaign objectives, we can deliver relevant content across the right channels and to the right audience.

Producing content that is contextual and relevant to the audience means it will have greater impact and benefit from increased engagement and conversion. 

Building a personal approach into our campaign objectives will, at its core, lead to an improved understanding of the demographic and behavioural data we capture, as well as the recipients’ sensitivity to your brand.

3. We can achieve transparent results
By setting clear, SMART objectives, we know exactly what results we are hoping to achieve from each campaign.

We will target the actions that we wish people to perform when receiving our campaign communications. This could be the sharing of content across social media, or viewing, downloading, commenting and replying to information. Other examples include following links to additional content, as well as completing forms, surveys and questionnaires as part of any research we are conducting.

Setting measurable, specific goals for your campaigns will allow us to analyse the effects they are having on the audience and your campaign objectives. Having a clear vision of these objectives means we can create clever, engaging, focused and results-driven campaigns that will deliver solid value to your brand.

By establishing specific, measurable results, we can monitor campaign success and determine the real-time requirements for improvement.

We follow a process
Once we have clearly defined our campaign objectives, we can concentrate on the campaign process itself.

It helps to think of this process in stages.
1. Plan

Identify the best influencing strategy
5. Monitor

2. Create

Programming and design
6. Evaluate

Impact and performance
3. Test

Feedback and approval
7. Analyse

4. Implement

Communication strategy
8. Optimise

Adapt and improve
Attention is everything.  But where and how do we get it?
We produce your campaign / marketing content to have very specific relevance to your brand objectives. This content takes the form of images, audio, video and written form communications. 

We use campaign relevant media channels to distribute your marketing content to target audiences. Each of these channels has its own unique benefits, including the type and nature of the communications we can send, and the user demographics.
The channels we use, and their benefits:
Events & Roadshows

. Brand propulsion . Brand awareness . Interactive environment . Face-to-face opportunity . Demand generation . Thought leadership . Increased conversion

Public Relations

. Increased brand awareness . Promotes understanding . Builds trust & confidence . Changes attitudes and perceptions . Generates new business . Cost effective marketing . Positive 3rd party endorsement . Improves SEO (online presence) . Improves recruitment opportunity


. Low cost, high volume messaging . Increased frequency of communication . Targeted personalised content . Demographic segmentation . Cost effective test marketing . Click through to content . Automation and immediacy . Real-time tracking . High engagement rates

Direct Mail

. Tangible, familiar and trusted . Improved response & conversion . 100% deliverability . Increased engagement rates . Part of a multichannel experience . Personalised content . Versatile formats . Highly targeted . Connects with online media (QR, AR, NFC) . Cost effective . Measurable

Mobile Apps

. Increased user engagement . Cost avoidance . User efficiencies . Brand specific . Highly targeted . Loyalty engagement . Brand awareness . Real-time notifications


. Personal . Convenient . Low cost . User-efficient . Portable . On-demand . Brand building

Social media

. Increased brand awareness and loyalty . Boosts engagement . Builds brand equity . Humanises the brand . Establishes the brand as an authority & thought leader . Speeds up communications . Ease of distribution . Increased website and eCommerce traffic . Promotes content and events . Reduced marketing spend . Targets and grows the audience . Network with industry influencers . Huge organic reach . Visitor insight and learning


. Increased consumer attention . Increased social engagement . Builds trust in brand . Reveals personality of brand . Mobile friendly . Excellent ROI . Increased brand awareness . Improved SEO (online presence) . Trackable engagement . High visual retention rates . Increased click-through from content . Strong emotional connection . Increased conversation

Text Messaging

. Low cost / high volume messaging . High response & engagement rates . Easily sharable content (viral potential) . Highly targeted . 100% deliverability . Real-time notifications

Websites & Microsites

. Data collection (forms, surveys, research) . Contact automation (call-back, info, security) . Access to content (public and private) . Visitor tracking . Advanced personalisation . Information exchange . Always-on access . Brand credibility . Cost reduction . Easily expandable . Increased opportunity

We gain insight from campaign performance.
We analyse the information we capture to form valuable insight on campaign performance and customer / consumer behaviour, including:

  • Performance analysis 
  • Engagement analysis 
  • Response analysis

In addition, this data will allow us to improve aspects of your future campaign performance, such as:

  • Campaign optimisation
  • Improved strategy & planning
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved response & conversion

We collect data.
Access to quality data is essential for the performance of any campaign. Ongoing campaign activity allows us to capture large amounts of new and valuable information.

The Breadth, Depth & Quality of the information we capture will be central to your campaign objectives. Data that has these characteristics will have a huge benefit to your future marketing, including:

  • Improved insight 
  • Improved strategy
  • Increased audience
  • Increased awareness
  • Increased engagement 
  • Cost reduction 
  • Cost avoidance
  • Regulatory & Legislative Compliance (DPA, GDPR, PECR)

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