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Our belief
Life gets better when you're in The Brand Business.
We are a Strategy & Tech Consultancy for Brand, Marketing and Direct Sales. We help our clients Innovate, Attract, Profit and Enjoy their work again.
We champion the importance of change and a value mindset for brands.

WHY use The Brand Business?

Business growth or business recovery, here are some situations where 
The Brand Business can help your brandmarketing and sales objectives.
Loss of market share
Are competitor brands eroding your market share? How, why and what can be done about it? We can help you define the consumer behaviour behind these changes and implement a strategy to safeguard and increase your market share.

Rapid Growth
You must support periods of rapid growth by continuing to deliver the best product and service, consistently! We can help you implement the technologies and procedures that will allow you to scale safely and reliably.

Changes in consumer trends
Changes in consumer behaviour and consumption trends are inevitable. We can help you predict and respond to these changes before they damage your business.

Accessing new Markets
Each market has its own unique culture and criteria. We can help research new markets so that your communications are easily adopted and have maximum impact on target audiences.

Misaligned message & experience
Not living up to your promise? Today's consumer has countless options and you only get one chance to impress them. We can help you improve and align your product, message and experience to surpass customer expectation.

Poor customer reputation
Plagued by poor customer reviews and a damning digital footprint? This can have a huge impact on a business. We have ways to help, but nothing will be as effective as providing a consistently first-class customer experience.

Current brand is poor
Let us help you make it great again. We take a highly strategic approach to new brand and rebrand work, including our brand exploration workshops, designation, position, creation and implementation processes.

Mergers & acquisitions
There's a lot more than meets the eye when merging with, or acquiring new businesses. We can help you navigate the internal and external brand upheaval process, to get everyone onboard and aligned quickly and effectively.

Attracting investors
If you look like a great opportunity, then you probably are. We can help you present your business to potential investors, ensuring that how you look, what you say and how you act is inspiring and appealing.

Attracting & retaining top talent
We've done a lot of brand work with companies for this reason alone. Attracting the best people to your business is key to your development. We help position your brand to attract the best employees, suppliers and work partners too.

Changes in business offering
You need a relevant strategy to build brand around what you do, and to market your products and services effectively. We help you create a communications strategy that is aligned perfectly with your new business offering.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to downsize your business, many of which can make you more effective. We help you create a brand strategy that supports the scale and vision of your business.

The rules have changed,

let us teach you the rules